Rockcliffe Pottery and Craft Studio

Rockcliffe Pottery and Craft Studio

(705) 729-2802   Rockcliffe Pottery 599 Commanda Lake Road   RR 1 Nipissing,   Ontario,   P0H 1W0

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We Open Again
in 2017
on the next Victoria Day Weekend

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Rockcliffe Pottery is a unique Pottery Studio and Craft Shop representing over ninety artisans. Each item is hand made including all the international pieces that are on display. Pottery, raku, metal work, clothing, blown glass, stained glass, books, weaving, jewellery, art work and much more can be found here.

John and Tony Oorschot at Rockcliffe Potteryand Craft Shop
Tony Oorschot welcomes
you to visit and experience Rockcliffe Pottery
and Craft Shop.

As a master potter Tony supports both local, regional and international artisans.
She has these selected pieces of artisan work in the store.

Visiting Rockcliffe Pottery and Craft Shop exposes you to her work and a world of wonder.

Rockcliffe Pottery and Crafts is legendary for the unique nature of its products. There is a vast mixture of unique products available, that is above and beyond the main stay pottery items.

Three decades of work have made Rockcliffe Pottery a place that is distinct and affordable.
Both functional and decorative pieces are available in the studio or are available as custom orders.

Established in 1981, Rockcliffe Pottery produces stoneware pottery using hand made traditional wheel thrown methods as well as hand building, they create durable, lead-free pottery that is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Rocliffe Pottery Shelf Pottery Bowls

Tony's career as a potter at Rockcliffe Pottery has inspired many with her passion for the clay. They carry a full line pottery and artisan works. Tony operates the business from her Rockcliffe Pottery Studio and Craft Shop on Commanda Lake. She continues the tradition of quality pieces of art.

Tony Oorschot Womens Scarfs
A steady stream of visitors frequent the pottery and craft studio year after year.

Word of mouth from person to person with very little advertising has returning customers coming back for quality items and gifts.

It is a win win situation for all.
You are welcome to view the pottery
being created when the studio is in motion.


Our end of season draw was held on
October 10 th, 2016.
Thanksgiving Weekend

The 2016 end of season winners are Verna Jean Magill and Husband from North Bay.

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Pottery mugs, crafts, handmade items, raku, jewellery, platters, tea pots are all here and more.

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2016 Prize Draw

Christmas Draw Rockliffe Pottery and Craft Studio

Verna Jean Magill and Husband Won The
Unique Mirror and table

(705) 729-2802   Rockcliffe Pottery 599 Commanda Lake Road   RR# 1 Nipissing,   Ontario,   P0H 1W0